Aji Ouza Interviewed at The Duplex

In this edition we bring you excerpts of our interview with Aji Khan Ouza Diallo alias Aji Ouza, daughter of Ouza Diallo, one of the most successful mbalax stars in Senegal. Aji Ouza, a sprouting Senegalese musician, was in the country two weeks ago with Pap Thiopet.

They came all the way from Senegal to thrill their audience and fans at the famous Duplex Night Club in Kololi. We had a short interview with Aji Ouza at the Seaview Garden Hotel in Kololi.

Enjoy reading Aji Ouza’s interview.

Bantaba: Who is Aji Ouza ?
Aji Ouza: My name is Aji Khan Ouza Diallo. I am a Senegalese. I was born in 1982. Currently I am residing in France because I am attending University there.

Bantaba: Tell us about your educational background?
Aji Ouza: I went to school in Senegal. After that, I travelled to France where I am currently studying at Paris University. I spent four years learning and now I am in my fifth (final) year.

Bantaba: What field are you studying at the Paris University?
Aji Ouza: I am studying music.

Bantaba: Why do you choose to study music?
Aji Ouza: Because I like it and I want to become a great musician one day. I have a great passion for music.

Bantaba: When did you start your musical career?
Aji Ouza: I started music in the Year 2000. Then I used to play in hotels and concerts in Senegal with my elder brother Sheikh Diallo and sometimes I assist my father when he is going out to other countries to perform.
Bantaba: How many albums have you released since you started your musical career?

Aji Ouza: I released my first album in 2008 entitled “Maadu Sarr”. In that album I sang my favourite song called ”Nobel”, meaning love, which was appreciated by a lot of people in Senegal and The Gambia. This song was written by my brother Sheikh Diallo. The song ?Maadu Sarr’ is about a boy who normally disturbs girls on the street and he is always following them.
Bantaba: Since you started your music career, have you faced any challenges?

Aji Ouza: Yes I do encounter so many challenges because it is not easy to become an artiste. But with the passion I have for music, I always try to overcome challenges and constraints easily.

Bantaba: You are always close to your father and you go with him to many places around the world, what is your relationship with him?

Aji Ouza: My relationship with my father is very cordial. He taught me music and he goes with me everywhere I want to go around the world especially if I am supposed to perform music in any country. He guides and advice me and he put me in the right way. In fact at first he didn’t want me to join the music industry but later when he realised that I have a great passion for music, he encouraged me.

Bantaba: Are you married?
Aji Ouza: No
Bantaba: What are you waiting for and what type of husband do you want?
Aji Ouza: I need a husband who is a Muslim. He must also be caring and have respect for me. He must be willing to help and encourage me in my profession.
Bantaba: Any final word?
Aji Ouza: I wish to thank all my fans in The Gambia, Senegal and France and I wish to encourage the young people to take up meaningful profession and change their lives.


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